Analysis of Mixed Waste Processing (MWP), September 2014
This study examines the potential of adding Mixed Waste Processing Technology at Newport and the costs associated with adding the technology. 

Estimated Calculations of Additional SSR/SSO Tons, September 2014
Provides a summary of calculations of existing recycling tonnage data compared to materials still remaining in the mixed municipal solid waste stream.

Minnesota's Organized Collection Process: Update on 2013 Amendment to the State Law, March 2014
This memo summarizes the current processes available for cities to change from “open hauling” of solid waste to “contract hauling”.

Summary of Responses to Request for Expression of Interest on Gasification Technologies to Process Mixed Municipal Solid Waste, September 2014
The purpose of the Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) was to assist the Project Board in understanding the commercial viability of new and emerging municipal solid waste (MSW gasification technologies and if those technologies could fit within the existing waste processing infrastructure.

Waste Composition Study, September 2014
The data and information in the report will be useful for the current planning process addressing State goals for recycling and organics recovery as well as for future waste processing. 

Waste Delivery & Project Governance Issues Presentation, September 2014
Stoel Rives LLP reviewed the metro waste processing statute, metro statute litigation, implications of enforcement, waste designation benefits, waste designation costs, waste designation implementation timeline, waste designation process and governance options.