Anaerobic Digestion (AD) - Update on Technology Status, April 2015
Provides an update on the current planned scope of anaerobic digestion (AD); status of select vendors and existing projects providing AD systems; and economic & marketability of AD products (i.e. biogas and compost).

Assessment of the Processing Capacity and Capability of the Newport Facility | Part 1 | Part 2, November 2015
This report documents that the Newport Facility has the capacity and capability to produce RDF to meet the Xcel Fuel Supply Agreement provided:

  • Adequate MSW quantities of at least 380,000 to 400,000 tons are delivered per year.
  • The supplies of spare parts for ongoing maintenance are available and restocked at adequate levels.
  • Existing supervisors and key staff continue in their employment at the Newport Facility during the transition of ownership providing the experience and knowledge to operate the Facility.
  • Relationships with the key suppliers are maintained to provide parts, service, and knowledge known to be important for timely maintenance and repair.

BizRecycling Accomplishments Report
This report details the activities undertaken in 2015 and outlines the achievements of the program.  Learn more about BizRecycling at www.LessTrash.com.  

Emissions Comparison of Minnesota Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Facilities, April 2015
Overview of Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Combustion Air Quality Standards.

Environmental Analysis Report, April 2015
Provides an environmental analysis of policy options related to system design under consideration by Ramsey and Washington Counties.

Ethanol Demand versus Production, April 2015
Provides an overview of ethanol production in Minnesota and refinery capacity in the Twin Cities.

Facility Ownership Decision, May 2015
This memorandum provides background on the process, and frames two options under consideration by the Project Board.

Financial Analysis Report, February 2015
Provides a comprehensive financial analysis of policy options related to system design and Newport Facility ownership under consideration by Ramsey and Washington Counties.

Financing Options, February 2015
This memorandum outlines key issues to financing those future processing efforts. The specific areas being reviewed are capital and operating costs under public ownership; financing improvements at the Newport Facility under public ownership; and continued private ownership.

Follow-up Comparison of the Current Newport RDF Plant and Vecoplan System, April 2015
Provides a comparison of the RDF production technology at the current Newport facility with that presented for the Vecoplan system in Edmonton, Canada.

Follow-up on Technology Siting and Permitting Analysis, April 2015
Technologies evaluated in this memo include: gasification, mixed waste processing and anaerobic digestion.

Future Ramsey-Washington Joint Powers Board Options: Public & Private Ownership Scenarios, April 2015
This memorandum provides an overview of two governance approaches for the continued oversight and management of the joint solid waste management system between Ramsey and Washington Counties.

Gasification - Update on Technology Status, April 2015
Provides a summaryof the potential material flows, an update on current status of gasification technology, and progress on implementation of gasification.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) History for RDF and Xcel facilities, March 2015
This analysis presents estimates of GHG emissions from the Xcel RDF combustion plants (Red Wing & Wilmarth) since the inception of the Newport Resource Recovery Facility in 1988.

Greenhouse Gas Systems Analysis, April 2015
The purpose of this analysis is to compare the annual costs of seven potential scenarios to each other.  This analysis provides information for future waste processing decisions along with other considerations provided in other reports such as the analyses for greenhouse gas emissions potential risks, technology issues, waste assurance, and ownership that are being considered as part of the decision making process for future waste processing options. 

Life Cycle Financial Analysis, February 2015
The report details the analysis of GHG emissions and the comparison of options for various waste management scenarios that could occur in Ramsey and Washington Counties. This report is intended to be a comparative analysis of different systems and not an all-inclusive life cycle GHG analysis of specific waste management systems. Items that generated the same GHG emissions between the systems were not accounted for in the GHG systems analysis such as the life cycle of a collection truck. 

Mixed Waste Processing - Update on Technology Status, April 2015
Provides an update on current technology status of mixed waste processing (MWP) equipment, economics of MWP and marketability of recycled materials.

Newport Facility Operating Cost Estimate, May 2015
The cost estimates cover the operating cost categories including the addition of the corporate RRT positions, Project Board Plant managers and contract operator service fee for 2016-2017.

Ownership Considerations, February 2015
This analysis includes looking at the current Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) processing facility and also looking at other technologies that may be used to process MSW. 

Preliminary Resource Recovery Feasibility Report, January 2015
This report addresses the technologies selected for continued evaluation by the Ramsey/Washington Counties Resource Recovery Project as part of the future of waste processing decision process.

Report: System Changes to Achieve the Scope for Resource Management, April 2015
The Scope is a vision and is a system view of using technologies and techniques appropriate to the materials discarded by residents and businesses in the East Metro.

Risk Analysis Report, April 2015
This report provides an analysis of risks associated with public and private ownership of the Newport Facility.

Sanigreen/Sanimax Summary of Process Overview, Permitting Status; and Feedstock, April 2015
Provides an overview for the permitting status, process flow and anticipated feedstock for the proposed anaerobic digestion (AD) facility being constructed at the Sanimax facility in South St. Paul.

Solid Waste Delivery Assurance Analysis and Options, February 2015
This document provides an overview of options for assuring delivery of mixed municipal solid waste, and potentially other solid wastes, to the Newport Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Facility or another resource recovery facility involving Ramsey and Washington Counties. 

Technology Comparative Analysis, January 2015
This report compares the three options analyzed in the Preliminary Resource Recovery Feasibility Report to the current RDF System and to landfilling. 

Two Additional Technology Options Requested, April 2015
Provides a summary of two additional technology options for comparison to the five technology options considered in the previous Preliminary Resource Recovery Feasibility Report and Technology Comparative Analysis.

Update Regarding Waste Delivery Assurance: Public & Private Ownership Scenarios, April 2015

Waste Processing Governance Policy Study, February 2015
This policy study investigates the governance options available to the counties, describes the process to implement and consequences associated with each. 

Water Needs and Use for Selected Technologies, April 2015
The information provided in this memorandum was provided by various sources and provides an anticipated range of water use and waste water generation for each process.

White Paper - Financing Terms & Conditions, August 2015
Outlines key issues to the financing option selected and terms and conditions related to the recommended financing option.