Being a good neighbor is important to us. Numerous improvements have been made at the R&E Center to beautify the site, address odors, and improve visitors’ experience. This includes conducting ongoing litter control, installation of a new odor removal system, and installing doors to the tipping floor.


Every Newport household gets a voucher for free disposal of one bulky item (mattress, couch, appliance, etc.) each year. Bring your voucher and item to dispose to the R&E Center for free disposal. Additional items can be disposed of for a fee. (See the special fees table on this page for information on fees.)


Current renovations at the R&E Center will include new educational space and redesigned tour programs. Once complete, residents, community groups and schools can visit and learn about how waste is managed in the East Metro and how to better prevent, reuse and recycle waste. Watch for new tours starting in 2021!


We utilize numerous practices and technologies to mitigate odor at and around the R&E Center, including the following:

  • Odor removal equipment - This equipment is installed in the facility and operates on a mobile basis around the facility. This equipment does not mask odors – it eliminates them by breaking down and neutralizing odor molecules.

  • Tipping floor doors – We've installed doors to all areas of the facility, which we keep closed as much as possible to contain odors.

  • Weather monitoring – Temperatures and wind direction impact odors around the facility. There is a weather monitoring station installed at the R&E Center, and readings guide facility operations.

  • Routine odor testing – The R&E Center regularly monitors odor, and when trash odors are detected, actions are taken immediately to remedy the situation.

Is the R&E Center the source of all objectionable odors in Newport?
No. Thirteen other Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) air-permitted facilities operate within a one-mile radius of the R&E Center, including operations such as animal rendering, hide processing and tanning; a veterinary hospital crematorium; large-scale composting, and large-scale food production.

If you would like to file an odor complaint, please use the City of Newport’s Odor Complaint Form.