Important information for Waste Delivery Haulers

The tipping fee for 2016 – 2017 for all Acceptable Waste coming into the Recycling & Energy Center (R&E Center) or the participating transfer stations is $70.00 per ton regardless of origin. The R&E Board will provide rebates, in the amount of $12.00 per ton, to haulers that deliver waste from Ramsey and Washington Counties to the R&E Center in 2016 and 2017. That means that the net cost to haulers under a Ramsey and Washington Waste Delivery Agreement will be $58.00 per ton for 2016-2017. Out-of-county waste is accepted at $70 per ton, but is not eligible for the rebate. 

We have transload agreements in place with the following transfer stations and they are available to haulers for same tip rate as the R&E Center ($70 per ton):

All licensed haulers were mailed a contract and update letter on November 20, 2015.
Your new contact for your waste delivery agreement
Joe Wozniak, Ramsey County Environmental Health, has been assigned to work on 2016-2017 waste delivery agreements. He can be reached at:
Joe Wozniak
2785 White Bear Ave N, Suite 350, Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone: 651-266-1187
Cell: 651-239-9853
Fax: 651-266-1177

2018-2019 Tipping Fees and Hauler Rebates

  • Official Notice of 2018 - 2019 Tipping Fees and Hauler Rebates Letter (PDF)
  • History of R&E Center Tipping Fees and Hauler Rebates (JPG)
  • MPCA’s Municipal Solid Waste Management System Objectives (JPG)
  • Image of R&E Center (JPG)

2018-2022 Hauler Waste Delivery Agreement
The 2018-2022 Hauler Waste Delivery Agreement is now available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q&A from March 2, 2017 Hauler Meeting
  • Q&A from January 19, 2017 Hauler Meeting
  • If you have not entered into a waste delivery agreement for Ramsey/Washington but provide service in these two counties, you are not eligible for the $12/ton rebate. 
  • Please note that the Newport phone number provided in previous communications has been changed.  If you need to contact the Newport Facility Scale House, please call: 651-768-6670.  

Hauler Handbook
The Recycling & Energy Center Solid Waste Hauler Handbook is now available.  

R&E Center Special Fees Schedule
The following rates became effective on January 1, 2017. Transfer Stations may charge different rates for these items with the exception of mattresses and box springs. You will be billed by the R&E Board for mattresses and box springs while other items delivered to transfer stations will be billed to you by the Transfer Stations at their established rates. 

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