Research, Reports and Findings

  • Alternative Technologies for Municipal Solid Waste, July 2013
    This report has complete up-to-date research on gasification, pyrolysis, plasma arc, mass burn, anaerobic digestion, mixed waste processing and plastics to fuel to provide the current status of the technology and its likely applicability to the waste stream in Ramsey and Washington Counties.
  • Assessment of the Processing Capacity and Capability of the Newport Facility | Part 1 | Part 2November 2015
    • Adequate MSW quantities of at least 380,000 to 400,000 tons are delivered per year.
    • The supplies of spare parts for ongoing maintenance are available and restocked at adequate levels.
    • Existing supervisors and key staff continue in their employment at the Newport Facility during the transition of ownership providing the experience and knowledge to operate the Facility.
    • Relationships with the key suppliers are maintained to provide parts, service, and knowledge known to be important for timely maintenance and repair.
  • Recycling & Energy Center Diagrams | Flow | Layout
  • Waste Compostion StudySeptember 2014
    The data and information in the report will be useful for the current planning process addressing State goals for recycling and organics recovery as well as for future waste processing.